Generator Services: Miami

Dion Generator Solutions is your number one source for best-in-class generator sales, installation, repair, and maintenance. We are the dependable local company for all things generators, and we can’t wait to impress you with our competitive rates and impeccable customer service.

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Generators Sales and Installations

We have generators to meet all your needs. Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Condominiums. We sell many manufacturers to meet your needs and budget. On our installation we offer a complete turnkey service. We believe that a good job is a job done right the first time. We take ourselves on maintaining a high customer satisfaction rating.

Generator Preventative Service & Repair

Dion Generator Solutions provides the professional service and peace of mind that you deserve. With over 25 years of Electrical, Mechanical and Technical experience, we service and repair all brands, sizes, makes and models of generators, including transfer switches and all other generator equipment and accessories.

24-hour, 7-days a week Emergency Service is Available. Se Habla Español.

Generator Preventative Maintenance

Generators require periodic and scheduled preventative maintenance to ensure long term, trouble-free operation. This is required by all manufacturers. Early detection can help you identify small problems before they become a major repair cost.

We are experienced in servicing and repairing any and all makes and models of generators, so you can be assured that we will provide the most competent and professional service.

Diesel Fuel Polishing

Diesel fuel grow algae, water and sediment. Contaminated fuel leads to poor performance, repairs and unplanned downtime of your generator.

Dion Generator Solutions can polish your fuel down to 10 microns, provide a one-year warranty and leave your fuel fresh and problem free for Hurricane season.

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Generator Monitoring

Protect your investment with a simple, dependable monitoring control system for your generator at an affordable cost for generators of any size or brand. Monitoring systems provides many ways to communicate; by phone, internet or cellular devices at all times and including mobile locations.

Notifications of critical generator functions and specialty reports are provided to you through secure, text messages, emails and password-protected detailed information.

This will allow you to monitor your generator and know the status anywhere you are.

We look forward to serving you.

Residential and Commercial backup systems...

Never feel powerless again.

If your power goes out, your generator goes on-automatically and stays on. It's really that simple.

Power outages are a common occurrence in the Miami area, and installing a generator is a fantastic way to be prepared for blackouts caused during hurricane season. A high-performance backup generator will keep your appliances running as usual, even during long-lasting outages.

What is a Tropical Cyclone?

Tropical cyclones are among nature’s most powerful and destructive phenomena. If you live in an area prone to tropical cyclones, you need to be prepared. Even areas well away from the coastline can be threatened by destructive winds, tornadoes and flooding from these storms. How great is the danger? For 1970-2010, the average numbers per year were as follows:

Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico:

11 tropical storms, 6 of which became hurricanes

East Pacific Ocean:

15 tropical storms, 8 of which became hurricanes

With extreme weather such as this, a hardwearing generator is a wise investment for any homeowner.

“East Pacific hurricane season runs from May 15 to November 30”

“The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th"

Source: NOAA Education Resources

Read more about Hurricane Preparedness

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Generac and Kohler Partnership

Our company is pleased to have a longstanding partnership with two of the industry’s top manufacturers: Generac and Kohler. We are proudly an authorized dealer of these two robust, long-lasting names and offer a host of different models and units for various usage needs.

Some examples of the different types of generators we sell include:

  • Industrial power generators
  • Business standby generators
  • Mobile generators
  • Home backup generators
  • Clean energy generators

Many of the machines in our inventory come with impressive warranties. To learn more about the Generac and Kohler units we have on offer, reach out to our staff by phone.

Choosing a Home Generator

Not sure which type is right for you? Don’t worry. Our representatives are experts on the subject of generators. We’ll gladly assist you in finding the perfect unit to complement your lifestyle. Typically, the key to choosing a generator is calculating how much power you want during an outage. Some of our clients only wish to use a minimum amount of power to continue operating essential utilities, such as refrigeration and heating. Other customers prefer a higher wattage output so that they can run all their appliances they normally would.

Whatever your needs, we’re confident we have the product in stock to fulfill them. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line with your questions and inquiries.

Complimentary Consultations and Estimates for Generators

We believe that a quality company is one that is fully transparent from beginning to end. That’s why, with no exception, we always offer our prospective clients complimentary consultations and obligation-free quotes. We believe that you deserve to know exactly what we can do, how we’ll do it, and how much it will cost—all upfront, with no prior commitment.

Bring your questions, concerns, and inquiries to us, and we’ll make sure to answer them to your complete satisfaction. For installation jobs, we’ll come to your home to assess the scope of the work firsthand. For sales, we’ll walk you through all your options one by one. For repairs, we’ll give you a complete cost breakdown of our material and labor charges. Our technicians leave nothing to guesswork. You can count on us to provide you with the services you need, alongside the customer service you want.

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