Haiti Generators Services

Professional Generator Services in Haiti

We at Dion Generator Solutions offer a wide range of diesel based generators that are available as purchase or lease options. Our top of the range generators have the capabilities to meet any type of residential, commercial or industrial challenge and all purchases come with free delivery and installation.

We also offer a range of quality used generators at extremely affordable prices and with the Dion Generator Solutions seal of approval. What’s more, our around the clock maintenance service ensures that should you encounter any problems with your generator, we will never be more than a phone call away. So, don’t settle for second best. Contact Dion Generator Solutions and invest in a quality service with competitive prices today.

Quality Generator Installation

At Dion Generator Solutions we take immense pride in providing the homes and businesses of Haiti with the best in generators. Our decades of experience combined with our wide selection of generators have made us the operator of choice in Haiti since we first opened our doors. Not ones to rest on our laurels, we are continually striving to improve our generator service and that has recently seen us expand our service to now include a lease and rental option. A generator is a serious investment for any home or business and our leasing option greatly reduces the outlay in this regard. We are pleased to say that our leasing option has proven incredibly popular with residents in Haiti.

18 Month Generator Warranty

At Dion Generator Solutions we are acutely aware of the importance that a generator has in a family home or business. That is why we provide an 18 month warranty on all of our generators, so if something goes awry then we will step in to get things back on track as quickly and professionally as possible.

Benefits of a Diesel Generator

There are many reasons why diesel generators are the most popular type of engine both in Haiti and internationally. When compared to petrol and natural gas engines, diesel always comes out on top. Some of its many virtues include:

Superior Fuel Efficiency

When compared to petrol generators, the fuel efficiency rating is incredibly strong for diesel generators. In essence this means that they are capable of performing for longer durations at the same capacity as their petrol or natural gas counterparts.

Diesel is Cheaper than Petrol

As well as being fuel efficient, diesel is also significantly cheaper than petrol, thus making it a far more attractive proposition for anyone considering purchasing a generator for their home or business.

Require Less Maintenance

In addition to being more cost and fuel efficient, diesel generators also require significantly less maintenance than petrol generators. The robust nature of this fuel type means that you will get significantly more bang for your buck. This is primarily because of the fact that do not require spark plugs, hence eradicating the need to replace the often-temperamental plug.