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Generator Installation and Repair in Miami

If you’re looking to maintain comfort and remain safe during power outages, the generator installation and repair services of Dion Generator Solutions are just a phone call away. Working with us ensures that your generator operates as intended during storms, outages, and other events requiring temporary enhanced power.

Pairing our generator services with the finest client-centered service possible, we make sure you always have access to the backup power you need. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for repairs and installation work at (305) 450-8787!


What Activities Can Generators Support?

Generators support a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities for residential and commercial properties. They provide reliable power during outages, help power essential appliances to keep you comfortable, and prevent food and perishables from spoiling. Generators are also great for camping, tailgating, and outdoor events.

Generators can power camping equipment, outdoor lighting, and entertainment systems, transforming a basic outdoor space into a comfortable, eye-catching oasis. They're most commonly used as backup power sources but also facilitate DIY projects and numerous outdoor activities.

Dion Generator Solutions's Services

When you invest in generator services from Dion Generator Solutions, you'll receive code-compliant work that maximizes your return on investment. Our seasoned technicians have the skills and expertise to support diverse needs, and we offer comprehensive services.

Here's what you can expect from us:

  • Generator installation: We'll handle every aspect of installing your standby or portable generator. We ensure it's appropriately placed, ventilated, and has fuel and electrical connections that guarantee safe, reliable performance.
  • Preventative maintenance: Maintenance helps improve your generator's performance and longevity. We offer oil changes, filter replacements, system flushing, and electrical and load testing to identify and resolve any issues.
  • Repairs: When your generator breaks down or is underperforming, our team offers efficient repairs to diagnose and fix your problems swiftly. We service all major brands and models and have a proven track record of providing reliable solutions.
  • Monitoring and performance testing: With newer generators, sophisticated systems allow us to track its performance and calibrate your model to optimize it.
  • Compliance and safety: Our team performs all services in line with the latest codes, regulations, and safety standards. Our work is permitted, and our team is professionally certified; you can count on us to provide all your generator needs.

Preventative Generator Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is essential for maintaining your generator's reliable operation and longevity. Whether you have a gas, electrical, or portable system, changing fluids and filters according to the manufacturer's recommendations and regularly testing your generator will help detect problems early and prevent them from becoming severe.

Fuel, cooling, and electrical components must be regularly examined for damage and tested for performance. Preventative maintenance can also help improve your equipment's efficiency and ensure it's equipped to handle performance demands during a power outage. Our inspections are rigorous and comprehensive and will benefit your generator in the long run.

Dion Generator Solutions’s Standout Generator Installation Services

For the last few years, it has seemed like huge storms have become increasingly common. With more and bigger storms come an increased number of prolonged power outages. Without power, you are left without lights, air conditioning, refrigerators, computers, cellphones, and all the other perks of modern civilization. For a short term outage, this is an inconvenience. For the longer outages which have been more and more frequent in the last few years, this can become a major problem, or even dangerous. Many of our customers in the Miami area have been purchasing generators for their homes, to make sure that they are never left without power for an extended period of time. Don’t be left in the dark!

Generators are useful in a wide variety of situations.Dion Generator Solutions offers generator installation and repair services to all of our Miami customers. We deal with the following types of generators that are common in Miami:

  • Portable generators
  • Mobile generators
  • Standby generators
  • Fuel Generators
  • Gas Generators
  • Diesel generators
  • LP (liquid propane) generators

Whether you are considering purchasing a generator as a backup power supply or for some other purpose, you should consider how exactly you will be using your generator as you choose a model. In addition to determining how much power you are going to need, all of the different fuel types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Gasoline is easily obtained, but has as a relatively short shelf life, is inefficient, and is relatively expensive. Propane has a long shelf life and is clean burning, but must be stored in pressurized containers, which is inconvenient.

If you are unsure about which generator would be best for you, feel free to give us a call. We are standing by to help all of our Miami customers find the generator solution they need.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Generator?

Installing a generator can take anywhere from a few hours to several days and potentially weeks. Your timelines will vary depending on the generator's type and size and the complexity of the installation process. Site inspections, obtaining permits, and preparing the worksite take time and can slow down installations for commercial projects.

Small, portable, gas-powered generators can be installed in a few hours. However, the installation process for a whole-house standby generator is much more complex and can take days or weeks to complete. Connecting the generator to fuel and electrical lines, installing a transfer switch, and checking with regulatory bodies all take time and can be delayed by complications and unpredictable circumstances.

Residential Generator Installation for Miami Homes

Every home has unique power needs, and our technicians can handle installations of all sizes and complexities. Our process begins with thoroughly assessing your home’s power requirements to suggest the most suitable generator for your needs.

Following this, we professionally install your generator, ensuring all safety standards are adhered to, and conduct a rigorous post-installation testing phase to confirm the optimal operation. We also guide you through the operation of your new generator so you can confidently use it when required.

Commercial Generator Installation That Keeps Your Business Running

Power outages can be a major disruption for businesses, resulting in lost productivity and revenue. We can install generators for various commercial settings, including offices, retail stores, and warehouses.

We understand the importance of keeping your business operational, so we offer prompt installation services to minimize downtime for your business. In addition to installation, we also provide regular maintenance services to ensure your generator remains in top working condition at all times.

Specializing in Generator Repair Services

Generator repairs are essential to guarantee uninterrupted power supply in various settings, from residential homes to industrial facilities. Neglecting these repairs can lead to severe consequences, including power failure during critical moments, expensive downtime, and even equipment damage. Here at Dion Generator Solutions, we provide our clients with long-lasting and reliable generator repairs to ensure their equipment works when needed.

Regular maintenance and repairs ensure that your generator is ready to spring into action when needed most, providing a dependable backup power source. Our repairs optimize your generator's performance, reducing fuel consumption and overall operational costs.

Safety First with Generators

Ensuring your generator's proper functioning is crucial for safety, as malfunctioning generators can pose fire and electrical hazards. What’s more, by addressing common issues related to the fuel system, electrical system, and the generator’s engine, you can ensure your generator remains a dependable source of backup power, ready to serve when needed most.

Some of the most common issues our generator technicians address include:

Fuel System Maintenance

The fuel system is the lifeblood of a generator. Common repairs we perform to ensure optimal functionality include cleaning fuel filters, replacing clogged injectors, and inspecting fuel lines for leaks. Regular fuel system maintenance prevents engine stalls and ensures a steady fuel supply for months and even years.

Electrical System Checks

Faulty wiring, corroded connections, or damaged control panels can disrupt generator operation. Working with us ensures unwelcome electrical issues never get in the way of your standby power supply. Repairing these components guarantees electrical continuity and prevents electrical fires or short circuits.

Engine Overhauls

Generators rely on internal combustion engines, which require regular servicing. Repairs in this category range from piston replacement and valve adjustments to addressing coolant or oil leaks. At the end of the day, a well-maintained engine always extends the generator's lifespan. Count on us to put in the necessary work.

Battery and Starter Repairs

A malfunctioning battery or starter motor can render your generator useless. Rest assured, we make sure to address any battery issues we uncover during the inspection process. We’ll replace worn-out batteries and repair or replace the starter to ensure reliable generator startup each and every time.  

Cooling System Maintenance

Overheating can damage a generator's engine. Regular cleaning and inspection of cooling fins, coolant replacement, and fixing radiator leaks are essential repairs to maintain optimal operating temperatures.

Regular Load Testing

Periodically testing the generator under load conditions helps identify performance issues before they escalate. It's a preventive measure that allows for timely repairs or adjustments.

Generator Safety Inspections

Our team conducts comprehensive safety inspections to ensure your generator is functioning properly and safely. These inspections include checking the unit for any wear and tear, verifying proper fuel line connections, and ensuring the generator is adequately ventilated to prevent any hazardous carbon monoxide buildup.

Additionally, we’ll inspect the electric panel connections and test the generator under load to ensure it can handle the power demands of your home or business.

Transfer Switch Installation and Repair

A generator’s efficiency and safety are greatly enhanced by a correctly installed transfer switch. Our technicians have extensive experience in installing and repairing transfer switches, a critical component that safely switches the load from the utility to the generator during a power outage.

This ensures that your generator is providing power to the necessary circuits and prevents any electricity from back-feeding into the utility lines, which can be dangerous for both you and utility workers.

Generator Upgrades and Retrofitting

If you have an older generator, we offer upgrade and retrofitting services to improve its performance and efficiency. This can include installing new control panels, upgrading to a more powerful engine, or integrating remote monitoring capabilities. Our team will work with you to determine your power needs and provide you with the best options for upgrading your current generator.

Emergency Generator Repair Services When You Need Them the Most

At times, generators can unexpectedly malfunction due to various reasons, such as natural disasters or wear and tear. In these situations, having a reliable repair service is crucial to getting your generator back up and running quickly. Our team is available 24/7 for emergency repair services, so you can rest easy knowing that help is just a phone call away.

We use only high-quality replacement parts and follow industry best practices to ensure the safety and longevity of your generator. Our technicians are also knowledgeable in troubleshooting various types of generators, so you can trust them to have your system up and running in no time.

What You Can Expect from Our Generator Installation Services

Once you've made the correct decision in choosing Dion Generator Solutions to help you install your new generator, here's what you can expect.

The first thing is the phone call. Our representatives' confidence and knowledge will make you feel comfortable enough to meet with us and talk about your generator needs more deeply.

The consultation aims to get to know your generator needs on a more detailed level. We want to understand how much backup power you need and choose the right generator for your needs from there.

Helping You Choose the Right Generator

Being Miami's local expert in generator installation, we maintain deep product knowledge. We must be able to accommodate the very specific and varying needs our clients have.

If your generator requirements are for a commercial property or a residential one, you will require a different generator. We will help you make that decision. Our product knowledge and experience will ensure you wind up with the right generator for your needs.

What You Can Expect from Our Generator Repair Services

If you encounter troubles with your generator, and you've found this page – you're in the right place. Our generator experts do repair jobs every day and have a broad understanding of all makes and models of generators. No matter what kind of generator you have or how old it is, we can help you fix it.

Each repair job begins with a thorough inspection. After listening to each client's information about what might be wrong, we will set out to our truck and bring back the necessary repair equipment.

From there, we will check all fluids in the generator, including the coolant, which is often a problem in generators. We will check all hoses in the generator, inspect the battery, and inspect the rest of the motor mechanism until we find out what's wrong.

Being thorough in our repairs is a big reason why we have such an excellent reputation in Miami as generator repair contractors – a city that requires a lot of generator repair.

Dion Generator Solutions: Veritable Generator Experts

Don't waste your time dealing with a contractor that is new to the industry or has a shaky reputation. Contact Dion Generator Solutions for a safe bet. We have over 20-years of experience serving the good people of Miami and helping them with their generator needs. We invite you to look over our many stellar online reviews if you're still unsure.

When the next big storm comes, you'll need power. Tropical storms tend to take out power sources for a long time. Ensure you're covered by calling Dion Generator Solutions for all your generator repair and installation needs.

Get in Touch Today

There is never a bad time to get in touch with our team. We strive to provide our clients with backup power they can rely on. Considering our more than two decades of experience and our highly rated services, we have proven that high-quality service is what we offer.

After we have come through and helped you with your generator needs, you’ll be able to depend on the quality of the job for years to come.

If you are still on the fence, give us a call. A friendly representative is awaiting your call and ready to answer all your questions.

Reach us any time at (305) 450-8787.