Service Areas

Generator Services in the Bahamas

Dion Generator Solutions is proud to have had the experience of working to provide families in the Bahamas area with the generator services depend on for over 20 years. In an emergency situation, such as a power outage, it is dangerous and inconvenient to be stuck without power. At Dion Generator Solutions, we are happy to come to your home at a convenient time for you and provide you with the exact kind of generator that you need!


Generator Services in Haiti

We at Dion Generator Solutions offer a wide range of diesel based generators that are available as purchase or lease options. Our top of the range generators have the capabilities to meet any type of residential, commercial or industrial challenge and all purchases come with free delivery and installation.


Exporting Generators

A generator is like an insurance policy for your home – you hope you will never need it but are sure glad that it’s there if you do. At Dion Generator Solutions we have shipped generators businesses and homeowners. In that time, we have become all too familiar with the beautiful weather that we often receive.


Gas Contractor

If your home or business runs on gas appliances, and you’re in need of a contractor that can offer you impeccable maintenance and repair services, then look no further because Dion Generator Solutions is the company for you!


Gas Services

When it comes to delivering natural gas services in Miami, Dion Generator Solutions is one of the leading providers in the industry.


Generators For Miami

Life doesn’t get much better than it does here in Miami. The sun and the beach are just a few things that make life seem so good. However, even life in Miami can have its drawbacks.



Even if you consider yourself a do-it-all handyman, electrical work is always best left to the professionals. Electricity can be dangerous and any electrical work or repairs should never be done without a licensed, bonded and insured electrician who has received extensive training in this highly specialized trade.